The Power of the Enclosed Event Management Ecosystem

The IT Ecosystem is presented in the form of binary codeThe meetings industry is facing new challenges in 2018, and security is quickly becoming one of our biggest challenges. Security flaws in browsers seem to be in the news all the time, and data breaches seem to be on the rise.

As we hear about these challenges and problems, it is useful to reflect on the state of our industry and what we are doing to face these challenges head on.

This focus on data security is being amplified by the upcoming enforcement date of May 25 for GDPR. Most event planners in the word have learned (or are learning) of the major impact that the General Data Protection Regulation is having on our industry.

In a nutshell, GDPR is a series of regulations focusing on protecting the data privacy and security of European citizens. Any business collecting personal data from any European Union citizen is held to these regulations, and the impact is significant. Large fines can be imposed on any organization found to be in violation of GDPR.

So, what is the impact on meeting planners?

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