The Arrival of the Cloud App (and Why it Matters to Meeting Planners)

Young woman presenting cloud with colorful app icons and symbolsTechnology moves at a rapid pace. Since the very start of the PC revolution back in the early 1990s, meeting planners have been making good use of computers, databases, and later, the Internet to help make their jobs more efficient and productive.

The very first event registration systems were computer databases structured to manage event registration. These systems became more and more popular in the early 1990s and helped meeting planners produce reports, generate collateral and manage an ever-growing range of details such as travel, accommodation and more.

These systems were typically installed onto PCs as a thick client, connected to a networked database. This was a time-consuming approach as updates had to occur on each PC and created lots of work (and headaches) for IT managers everywhere.

In the late 1990s, another paradigm shift occurred with the arrival of the Internet and the ubiquitous web browser.

These early systems moved to a big database in the cloud, with all customers sharing the same database environment. High load from one client and other points of failure would affect performance and reliability.

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