Event Technology – Pay as you Go or Use an All-in-One Solution?

Tired from multitasking, businessman workaholicFrom the very beginning, Event Management software was an all-in-one solution. Meeting managers faced dozens, if not hundreds of tasks, so event management technology focused on the big picture, not just one part of it.

Registration, name badges, itineraries, housing, functions, email communications, and later online registration forms were all integrated in one complete solution.

And with that comprehensive approach came a high cost of acquisition.

Even today, many event management solutions are based on this old model of comprehensive solutions that come at a high price, typically driven by the model of per-person registration fees.

For example, if you were a professional conference organizer managing a dozen meetings a year with an estimated registration count of 10,000 registrations, it is not uncommon to see yearly technology fees in the $40,000 to $60,000 range.

However, with the advent of mobile apps, the event management software industry has experienced a major paradigm shift in how technology is deployed and priced.

Almost overnight, the comprehensive meetings platform because old news and dozens of new solutions entered the marketplace as stand-alone apps.

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