Social Media Marketing – The New Standard for Meeting Planners

Laptop Screen with Social Media Marketing Concept. 3D Render.The challenge of getting attendees to sign up for your events has always been a part of the meetings business. Nothing new there.

It used to be fine to send out postcards. But then, the Internet happened.

Then, it became standard to send out email invitations and build an event website.

But then, Social Media happened.

Today, meeting planners are faced with either jumping into the world of social media or risk getting left behind.

Today’s meeting and event attendees are more and more inclined to be connected on many different social media platforms. Even attendees who didn’t grow up in the social media revolution have adapted.

According to Facebook, out of its 1,590 million users (as of April 2016), more than 60% of adults ages 50-64 use Facebook on a regular basis.

Younger generations? Usage approaches up to 85%.

So, let’s burst that myth that only Millennials and Gen Xers use Facebook, Twitter and all those other social media platforms.

That’s really good news for today’s meeting planners.

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Meeting Planners and Associations – There’s More to It than Just Meetings!

Nonprofit OrganizationMeeting planners and PCOs organize and run meetings. That’s what they do!

Associations and non-profits also organize and run meetings – that is just one of many things that they do! They also have to manage their membership, such as signing up members, managing renewals and much more.

There are many association management systems in use that also offer event management functionality. However, most of these registration modules are afterthoughts – their focus has always been on the tools and processes to manage a membership. Event management in membership platforms is typically costly and lacks features found in more robust meeting management solutions.

Which brings us back to meeting planners and PCOs.

Many PCOs and meeting planners often work for associations and other non-profit groups. In many circumstances, the database of members and the database of event attendees can often be the same. Why not involve meeting planners in association and membership management?

There are many reasons why this is a fantastic fit for both…

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