EventsAIR_logoMelbourne Australia – February 21, 2017 – At the 2017 Asia-Pacific Incentives and Meetings Expo (AIME), Centium Software, publisher of the award winning event management platform EventsAIR, announced the release of the EventsAIR Continuity Server.

The first ever product of its type released to the meetings industry, the EventsAIR Continuity Server is an innovative new technology that constantly synchronizes an offline version of the event database that is being served by the cloud. If a slowdown or outage occurs, the Continuity Server automatically switches to the offline version and allows event check-in, badge printing and many other critical services to continue without interruption.

When the Internet connectivity is restored, the EventsAIR Continuity Server re-synchronizes all data back to the cloud so all operations continue in real time.

Additionally, also a first for the industry, the EventsAIR Continuity Server allows the meeting organizer to switch essential onsite registration processes to the local Continuity Server if Internet connectivity isn’t robust enough for a large event or conference.

In today’s cloud environment, meeting organizers are facing on a daily basis the challenge of having access to their meetings technology at all times. Losing access to your event would be disastrous for most event organizers, no matter the size of their event.

“We imagined how useful it would be if you could simply flip a switch and run your cloud services from a local server,” said Trevor Gardiner, CEO of Centium Software said. “Now using the EventsAIR Continuity Server, if you experience slow Internet or an exceptionally busy period of onsite activity, you can instantly switch to your synchronized offline data and operate your onsite activities with a robust level of performance. Whenever you wish, you can instantly switch back to the cloud without any interruption in service. Everything stays synchronized and operational.”

Mr. Gardiner noted that the EventsAIR Continuity Server is the first product ever released to resolve challenges with Internet connectivity.

“Meeting planners the world over count on reliable Internet connectivity to access their meetings platform and operate a live event,” Mr. Gardiner said. “The one thing planners can’t control is Internet service, and our Continuity Server is the insurance protection they need to operate meetings in all corners of the world. With clients in over 45 countries, we know how crucial it is to be protected from Internet outages.”

The EventsAIR Continuity Server is available to all users of EventsAIR from March 2017.


  1. I would like to know how much does your events management software cost and what does it contain or what help will I get from it as a new person in events .Is it easy to follow ? Will I be able to plan all types of events from music festivals to big conferences step by step ?


    • Hello!

      There are different packages of EventsAIR with flexible license options. It is extremely affordable, and offers a wide array of functionality from small events and festivals to extremely large conferences, and everything in between.

      The workflow and processes are extremely to understand and follow, and includes a comprehensive app store of specialized functions for onsite check in, exhibitor management, speaker management, attendee apps, and much much more.

      I know you will love checking it out!

      I don’t know what region of the world you reside in, so…

      If you visit http://www.eventsair.com and request a demonstration, the correct representative will reach out to you. They will schedule a personalized demonstration, discuss price options and answer every question you throw at them!


      Alec Sonenthal
      Director of Technology
      Centium Software


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