It’s 2017 – Do You Really Need a Third Party Vendor for your Onsite Technology?

thirdpartyTo better service their participants and stakeholders, meeting planners are constantly challenged by the need to implement new technology for their meetings and events.

Previously, whether it was onsite check in, self-service check in, attendance tracking, exhibitor lead retrieval and mobile apps, the only real option for most meeting planners was to bring in an outside, third party vendor.

Technology was too new, or too equipment intensive, or too specialized to deal with. Who had the time and the staff to deal with all of it? It was a bargain to spend five or ten thousand dollars to get the job done and make your clients happy.

But, there was a downside to all this, a dirty little secret no one really wanted to deal with.

  • It wasn’t the cost, even though it was quite costly to bring in a third party vendor. After all, your client or your attendees paid the bill, what did you care?
  • It wasn’t the performance, since everything, mostly, worked as advertised.

The REAL issue was your data integrity and accuracy!

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