Centium Software Awards EventsAIR Innovator of the Year to Francie Gaiger of Conferences and Events New Zealand

franciegaigerawardAt the 2016 EventsAIR User Conference held in Sydney Australia, Centium Software awarded the 2016 Innovator of the Year Award to Francie Gaiger of Conferences & Events New Zealand.

Francie was nominated by her management team in recognition for her focus and professionalism as an Event Coordinator.

“Francie is our ‘EventsAIR’ guru and has dedicated a huge amount of time getting to grips with the software and communicating with the support team on a regular basis to ensure we get what we need out of the system”, said Amy Abel, Senior Conference Manager for Conferences & Events. “Francie is continually looking for new ways EventsAIR can be used within the organization, often suggesting new features and enhancements on behalf of our team.”

Centium Software CEO Trevor Gardiner congratulated Francie on receiving the Innovator of the Year Award.

“We are very excited to present this award to Francie Gaiger,” Mr. Gardiner said. “It’s wonderful to recognize the talent of our clients and Francie certainly embodies the traits of innovation and vision. We look forward to hearing more about Francie in the coming years!”

The Client Innovation Awards are presented to EventsAIR clients who demonstrate innovative and creative solutions and designs within the EventsAIR platform. EventsAIR has become home to a wide range of creative solutions for event registration, mobile apps, and specialized portals for onsite check-in and many other integrated services.

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