2016 International AIDS Conference Deploys EventsAIR as Technology Solution

image001This week, more than 18,000 medical, social and government leaders from around the globe are in Durban, South Africa for the 2016 International AIDS Conference. Managing one of the world’s largest events is a challenging one, especially when facing the large influx of attendees for registration and onsite check-in.

The management team supporting the International AIDS 2016 Conference turned to Centium Software and their flagship technology EventsAIR to handle the massive scale of self check-in, staffed check-in and collateral collection. Designed around the highly robust and scalable Microsoft Azure Cloud, EventsAIR was more than able to handle the thousands of conference check-ins that occurred on opening day.

image002Mr Arnab Bose, Special Projects Manager from Centium Software and working onsite at the conference with the conference team was able to scale up EventsAIR to handle the massive influx of registrations experienced in the first 10 hours of registration.

“With the flip of a switch, we were able to quadruple the server capacity,” Mr. Bose said. “The system performed flawlessly and EventsAIR never experienced any slowdown or lag time at any point of the busy registration.”

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Time Management and the Busy Meeting Planner

Businesswoman with clock being late for her deliverablesIf you are like most meeting planners, you know first-hand how to juggle hundreds of tasks and stay on top of all the to-dos and actions that have to happen, before, during and after your events.

We all have read dozens of articles on how to better manage our time. These articles tend to focus on personal time management skills rather than on technology.

For example, in the book titled Time Management for Meeting Planners by Judy Allen, the focus is exclusively on the meeting planner themselves. The book does a great job talking about task prioritization, structuring your work load and how to reduce stress-inducing time challenges.

These are all useful skills, and all meeting planners should be aware of how time challenges can escalate quite quickly.

Today’s cloud based technology tools have made huge inroads on helping the busy meeting manager stay organized and more productive in numerous ways.

Event management technology comes in many shapes and sizes, however it’s important to be aware that not all technology can improve your efficiency and productivity. It’s important to have a clear concept of what your technology goals are, and to understand how to leverage your technology platforms to make your job easier and more efficient in many ways.

How does technology impact your efficiency?

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