Planning for a Smooth Onsite Check-In Experience

name badgeYou know what’s coming.

Your conference check-in opens in 48 hours. You and your team are spread across the venue, checking your list, most likely twice. Everything needs to be perfect.

But you have that nagging question in the back of your head – are you REALLY ready to check in 3,000 attendees in a 12 hour period?

You know you have the technology. You know that onsite badge printing on demand keeps those lines short and your attendees happy.

But are you really ready for the rush of opening morning? Of course you are! You’ve done your homework and you know your team will knock it out of the park. Looking back, you review what you’ve done to get to this point.

Documenting your Event Processes

A month or two before the conference, you started documenting all of your technology processes. You wanted to make sure your team, onsite staff and volunteers had a simple set of guidelines they could refer to during training and during the actual event. At this point, you’ve completed your volunteer and staff training, and your supervisors have all documented processes handy in a binder that always stays by their side.

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